Arsenal fans are absolutely loving this football shirt tribute to Per Mertesacker

Friend of the Football Shirt Collective, Fokohaela has pulled out another banging concept shirt.  This time in tribute to Arsenal captain, Per Mertesacker.

Fokohaela are bringing to life bespoke football shirt concepts, in his words, “where Dennis Bergkamp’s right foot meets Willy Wonka”.

The BFG shirt is a tribute to Arsenal’s German defender Per Mertesacker.  The shirt has a red sash on the front – a bit like a can of Red Stripe, with a traditional Arsenal cannon crest.  The sleeve is immense with a headshot of Per himself.

bfg (3)

On the back is Big Fucking German in huge letters.

bfg (2)

We think its absolutely banging.  You can order your shirt here.  Each shirt is bespoke and made to order.

Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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