This Chelsea shirt will give you chills

The mid 90s Premier League football shirts were at their pomp.  Baggy shirts, class sponsors and bright colours.  And no one lived it better than Chelsea.

1995-96 was Glenn Hoddle’s last season in charge at Stamford Bridge.  He left to take the England job before Ruud Gullit joined.  They reached a remarkable consistency of finishing 11th for 3 /4 seasons.

But there was nothing consistent about their shirts.  Umbro introduced 2 sick designs.  The 1995 Chelsea home shirt had the clubs crest emblazoned on it a massive crest and the Coors sponsor.

Chelsea Middlesbrough

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The away shirt was even better.  Umbro went for a somewhat controversial mottled grey and orange number that was absolutely banging.  No wonder Ruud joined.


The sponsorship of Coors didn’t last many years but the shirts with their brand on it made an impact.

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