Manchester City star David Silva absolutely loves a very English dessert

Since his arrival at Manchester City, David Silva has been the epitome of continental class.

The Spain playmaker brought his deft touch and silky skills to the Premier League and will go down as one of the best players in the competition’s recent history.

Unlike Vincent Kompany, Silva isn’t renowned for ingratiating into Manchester life as much as his captain, but, according to one former team-mate, he absolutely loves one of the most British desserts known to man.

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Shay Given was at Man City between 2009 and 2011

Given, who played at City between 2009 and 2011, explained in his autobiography Any Given Saturday, saying: “When David Silva joined the club, the papers were full of stories about him being the final piece in the City jigsaw and when you think we ‘only’ paid £24m for him from Valencia then that looks like the bargain of the century these days.

“I’d also like to think I played a personal role in his development at the club.

“When he arrived, his favourite dessert was plain fruit salad without yoghurt. Dead healthy stuff like that.

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“One day he sidled up to me in the canteen while I was sat eating my favourite dessert, which is several rungs lower on the health scale.

“‘Shay, what is this you are eating?’ he asked.

“‘That David,’ I told him, licking my spoon. ‘Is apple crumble and custard.’

“Well, that was it! David Silva, who weighs about nine stone, went from fruit salads to as much apple crumble as he could get down his neck. He was hooked on the stuff. It’s always nice to influence the careers of your fellow professionals.”

Who’d have thought it?

Given left City after butting heads with former manager Roberto Mancini, having lost his starting berth to Joe Hart in 2010. But the former Republic of Ireland goalkeeper says he loved his time at the Etihad.

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