Another time Liverpool and Man United played woeful football against each other

Liverpool and Manchester United put on a pretty dismal show on Saturday afternoon. Their clash was so dull that it earned the final slot on the evening’s Match of the Day.

Jose Mourinho has been getting it in the neck for his negative tactics, and rightly so given how great this Premier League fixture has been in the past.

Starting Ashley Young in place of the terrifyingly quick Marcus Rashford was met with a load of groans from United fans, who believed their old rivals were there for the taking after a sloppy start to the season.

But it’s not the first time that United and Liverpool have failed to dazzle fans.

One of the greatest accounts on Twitter, Crap 90s Football, have dug out some truly dismal finishing from United legend Andy Cole against Liverpool.

Just check out this beauty:

It’s pretty woeful from everyone involved in this clip.

The ball over the top is utterly useless, but the headers from the two defenders are absolutely appalling. But saying Cole should have done better was an understatement.

That said, it’s not as bad as one Liverpool legend’s misses at Old Trafford…


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