Remembering when Robbie Savage was so excited to be playing for his Manchester United hero he crapped himself

When Robbie Savage join Blackburn Rovers in 2005 he was reunited with his hero and ex Manchester United mentor, Mark Hughes but a dressing room prank made for an embarrassing episode.

Speaking on the Flintoff, Savage and the ping pong guy podcast Savage revealed his most embarrassing moment in football and it came about when playing for his boyhood hero.

Robbie Savage’s hero growing up was Mark Hughes.  When he started career at Manchester United Hughes took his fellow Welshman under his wing.  Fast forward to Blackburn Rovers and Mark Hughes has just signed Savage and made him captain.

Let that flag wave high and proud! (1)

Things went wrong for Savage when he chose his underwear.  A choice of skin tight white y fronts.  During training Savage let out a far but lets just say a bit more came out and his pants were ruined.

A bit dejected Sav went for a shower and left his pants in the changing room but the Blackburn Rovers players weren’t the forgiving types.  They took the blond haired maestro’s dirty undies and hung them up in the middle of the Rovers canteen.

Pretty grim.

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1994 Manchester United shirt


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