Duncan Jenkins’ favourite Denmark shirt will make you want to pretend to be Michael Laudrup

We caught up with the perspiring football journo Duncan Jenkins – hello mates – about getting his head kicked in and his “blag version” of the Denmark 1986 shirt.

What was you first football shirt?

It was the oldham athletic shirt from 1991. the shirt had ‘BOVIS’ on the front and they make bread which i absolutely love. it was a glorious time in our history and i used to go every week with my uncle derek. we used to beat the drop in division one (which then became the premiership), and had some good cup runs. i do have some bad memories attached to the shirt however as i was wearing it when i got my head kicked in for the first time. i had my head kicked in many, many times at football in the 90s and i never did anything do deserve it.


What is your favourite ever football shirt?  

Probably the denmark kit from the 1986 world cup. My nana went on holiday to Turkey and brought back a blag version as a present.  I didnt know it was fake but I loved the kit. when i was a kid i used to pretend to be Michael Laudrup in our back yard. either him or Keith Houchen.



What is your favourite ever goal?

Frankie Bunn once scored six goals (that’s a double hat trick) in one game against Scarborough in the Littlewoods cup, and i was there with Uncle Derek. I was only about 7 but i remember it. the 6th goal was my favourite, I could not believe he got a double hat trick, i was blown away. it was the first double hat trick i saw and i havent seen one since. my favourite famous goal is probably gazza against scotland in euro 96.

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