The sad tale of the Arsenal defender who scored in the cup final then broke his arm

Thanks to a historic cup double, 92-93 was a jubilant season for Arsenal, even if there wasn’t much to talk about on the league front. After an opening day 2-0 lead over Norwich had been turned into a 4-2 defeat, ‘Gorgeous’ George Graham instilled some defensive discipline.

The tactics subsequently relied on the famous Arsenal backline and, if possible, a goal from Ian Wright. The result was not many goals in, not many goals out, and not so many points either.


If anyone other than Wright poked their head above the parapet, there was hell to pay – as shown by what happened to Steve Morrow after getting ludicrously far forward in the Coca-Cola Cup Final against Sheffield Wednesday and hitting the winner. As a warning to other players thinking of doing the same, Tony Adams immediately broke Morrow’s arm.

tumblr_me9sipfriV1rtjl8do1_1280 (1).jpg

Steve Morrow and Tony Adams

Following on from victory in the League Cup, further glory awaited in the FA Cup. This time it was Andy Linighan who put his body on the line by heading a dramatic 119th minute winner.

Here’s the goal, with Linighan soaring like an eagle above the owls. In this case, it’s Paul Davis who does his best to strangle the potential goalscorer at birth – and is quickly joined by fellow teammates also thirsty for blood.

A double then, for the team from Highbury. Interestingly in their cup runs they scored a total of 33 goals, which was only 7 shy of the 40 they scored all season in the league.

And there would be more cups the next season, this time finding glory in Europe against Parma, whilst wearing the same shirt.

Let that flag wave high and proud! (1)

On the team sheet front, the team (and George Graham’s bank balance) had been added to by a brace of Norwegian signings, Pal Lydersen and John Jensen.  Jensen, with 1 goal in 97 games, was almost the perfect Graham early 90s-era signing. 92-93 was also the last season for the long-serving David O’Leary who remains reasonably popular in North London, if not elsewhere.

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