This Manchester City away shirt will make you want to dance with Niall Quinn

Niall Quinn’s disco pants are the best.  As were his football shirts.  The Manchester City striker wore some absolute bangers and nothing looked as good as this 1990-92 Umbro away shirt.

Niall Quinn was on fire for Manchester City between 1990-92.  The giant striker sgined for City from Arsenal in 1989 and didn’t really get much game time.  But things were different in 1990/91 where he scored 21 goals in 1991 for Manchester City wearing this beautiful Umbro away shirt.

1990 Manchester City away shirt

This shirt sums up Umbro at their best.  Maroon chevrons, patterned sleeves and a button up collar.  It is so different to the generic shirts that City wear today.

No wonder Manchester City

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