3 glorious Admiral shirts inspired by Get Shirty

Feeling inspired by the brilliant Get Shirty documentary on ITV here are 3 of our favourite Admiral football shirts chosen in our favourite football interviews.  

1987 Bradford City shirt chosen by Bantams Banter


Bradford City’s 1987-88 made by Admiral. ’Bradford Great City’ seems to be some sort of PR attempt rather than a sponsor. I’m not sure there’s a Bradford City fan on the planet that knows what or why it’s on the shirt.

Let that flag wave high and proud! (1).png

1976 Wales shirt chosen by Simon Shakey (and modelled here by Elis James)


My first ever football shirt is still my favourite ever football shirt. I got my first full Admiral Wales home kit for my 12th birthday and I apparently never took it off, well the shirt anyway. I also managed to get the full tracksuit and it actually had the cloth great badge on mine, so I felt a bit special wearing that.

1980 England admiral shirt chosen by Mark Ogden


It was the Admiral England shirt from around 1980, just before the one which was worn during the 1982 World Cup. It wasn’t the best looking kit in the world, and pretty sure I knew nothing about it being bought for me, but it’s the one which started me off with a few kits post-1982.

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