Why the 1989 away shirt means so much to Arsenal fans

The Arsenal 1989 away shirt is one of the most iconic in the clubs history.  Not because of the design, not because of the kit maker but because of what it represents.

The shirt was introduced in the 1988-89 title winning season as worn by George Graham’s Arsenal.  A young generation of Adams, Rocastle, Michael Thomas wore it as the won the league in the last day of the season.


Arsenal blogger East Lower chose it as his favourite ever shirt:

I never had it, so no, I don’t have a photo of me wearing one. Although *in my mind*, during idle moments, I often wear it as I am bearing down on goal to score the goal that wins us our first title in 18 years.

The shirt was worn by Mark Strong throughout the film Fever Pitch – the adaptation of Nick Hornby’s book about his life as an Arsenal fan.

The scene below sums up exactly what winning the league meant to them in 1989 and why the shirt will always have a place in Arsenal fans’ hearts.

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