The best football shirt Alexis Lalas swapped with an opponent will make you cry

One of the best things about being a footballer is getting to swap shirts with other players at the end of the match.  Mertesacker got Fred’s, Messi’s collection is obscene and Gary Neville swapped shirts with all the top 90s Serie A strikers.

We took the opportunity to ask United States legend Alexi Lalas about the best he ever got from an opponent and the answer will make you cry.  Lalas has plenty of opportunities to build a sick shirt collection.

First up he played in Serie A in the early 90s for Padova, then he was in the MLS in the mid 90s and to add to it all he played in 2 World Cups.  So what is the best shirt he picked up from an opponent?  There isn’t one.

Feeling unsatisfied we had to ask Alexi about his first ever football shirt and the choice was inspired by his Greek dad, Demetrius Lalas, who got his son an Olympiakos shirt.

A solid choice.

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