3 fundamental reasons why the 1994 95 Manchester United shirt is immense

Manchester United have had some special kits over the years.  The green and gold Newton Heath shirt, the vintage adidas collection of the late 80s and the Umbro home shirts of the 90s.

It was a golden era for football shirts in the Premier League.  Umbro were the kit maker for the lion share of teams and unlike today each kit felt very different.

The 1994 95 Manchester United home shirt was no exception.  So why do we love the 1994 95 shirt so much?

1994 Manchester United shirt

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It was made by Umbro

We love Umbro 90 kits.  They were bright, baggy and had big collars.

It had Old Trafford emblazoned in it

Have you ever seen a stadium emblazoned in a shirt?  No neither have we.  Apart from maybe the Mexico shirt.  Manchester United’s beautiful stadium mixed into the backdrop of the shirt.  Amazing.

The club crest is f*cking huge

Another trademark of Umbro kits from the 90s were the huge badges.  And this Manchester United shirt is no different.  It’s absolutely massive.

That you can the 1994 95 Manchester United shirt here for £6.50.  Ends today.

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