Remembering when Everton beat Manchester United at Wembley and Neville Southall didn’t celebrate

In 1995 Manchester United were on the cusp of another double.  But failure to beat West Ham and a battle against Everton’s “dogs of war” at Wembley meant they ended the season empty handed.

Despite dominating United couldn’t find a way past Neville Southall and the Everton defence.  Everton with Ander Limpar broke from a misplaced Ince pass and the move was finished off by Paul Rideout.

Andy Hinchcliffe speaking to BBC Sport revealed Neville Southall was a miserable fart

“Nev went straight home, the misery!

“A car picked him up after the final. We all went off to the Royal Lancaster, where we had a big do.

“We did all the things that Cup winning teams do but Nev is Nev and there is no way on earth you could have made him do anything different or tell him to come along and enjoy himself.

Win or lose Manchester United’s Pallister was on the booze

To be quite honest I can’t remember the team or the injuries beforehand.  The only thing that sticks in my mind is going to the party afterwards, which is always organised whether you win or lose and just feeling like I wanted to go to bed and get on the train the next day and go home.

And then go away on holiday and forget all about the season.

What shirt did Manchester United wear?

United were wearing the 1994 95 home shirt was made by Umbro and worn by bona fide United legends Eric Cantona, Ryan Giggs and Steve Bruce.

1994 Manchester United shirt

The shirt had a huge crest, with a black collar and Old Trafford emblazoned on it.

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