Manchester United fans are loving this tribute to their greatest away shirt

Manchester United have had some outrageous kits over the years.

Some good, some bad, but there are a few over the years that are unanimously accepted as bona fide classics.

One such example is the 1991-92 away shirt.

Screen Shot 2017-08-13 at 13.21.05.png

The Adidas-made, Sharp-sponsored kit has all the makings of a kit for the ages.

For starters, it was made in the 1990s. It’s also completely different to most kits of its time or any other time, with the Adidas logo printed in blue over the white fabric.

And friends of the Football Shirt Collective, Football Bobbles, have come up with this beauty to commemorate one of the greatest kits in the club’s history. 

It’s even reversible so you can represent the home colours of United too. Woof.

Pick up your very own Man United hat right now. 


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