These Manchester United Cantona goals is the perfect way to start your Tuesday

It’s a Tuesday, the sun is shining so here are Eric Cantona’s 4 best goals for Manchester United.  Touch, technique and power.  

Manchester United v Wimbledon

Technique, timing and power.  This goal for Manchester United in their double season summed Cantona up so well.  The touch was so good that it felt time stood still for the split second before he belted it into the top corner.

Manchester United v Arsenal (1992)

Unlike the first goal this was more about sheer power.  A proper thunder bastard against Arsenal.  Teed up to the Frenchman from 25 yards out, David Seaman had no chance as Cantona let fly.

Manchester United v Liverpool (1996)

This was another goal where it felt like time stood still.  When David James palmed the ball out to the edge of the box it fell to Cantona at a very awkward height. Cantona repositioned himself and struck it back through a crowd of bodies and past James in goal.

Manchester United v Sunderland (1996)

This goal was chosen by Iain MacIntosh as his favourite. The ball took about ten minutes to go from his boot to the back of the net and he was never in any doubt about it at all. He just stood there, looking over his Kingdom, taking it all in.

What’s your favourite Cantona goal.  Let us know in the comments below.  

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Manchester United Cantona #7


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