2 reasons why this is the greatest Arsenal shirt of all time

When we ask Arsenal fans what their favourite ever football shirt the most popular choice is the 1989 Arsenal away shirt.

The vintage adidas shirt an absolute banger.  V neck collar,  Blue sleeves with yellow stripes.  Classic adidas logo and JVC sponsor.  It was also worn in 2 of Arsenal’s most iconic moments.


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The first moment was the title win at Anfield.  Arsenal needed to beat Liverpool by a 2 goal margin to win the league.  They were winning 1-0 when Michael Thomas collected Alan Smith’s pass to calmly slot past Bruce Grobelaar in goal.

That shirt is part of the memory for Arsenal fans.  As East Lower says;

During idle moments, I often wear it as I am bearing down on goal to score the goal that wins us our first title in 18 year

Michael Thomas scoring at Anfield

It was also worn by Arsenal away in the 1989-90 season, when some bright spark thought it would be a good idea to put a microphone on David Elleray for the Arsenal trip to Millwall.

When Adams has a goal disallowed when it all kicks off.  In an impossibly shrill voice, Adams screams at Elleray for minutes before committing the cardinal sin.

Adams calls Elleray the C-word. Not that C-word; he called him something that all refs are bound to hate. He called Elleray a ‘cheat’.

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