Barcelona’s football in 1992 was as sensational as their away kit

I remember as a child being very excited about any game involving Barcelona being shown on tv (they were few and far between) and then being very disappointed by the game itself.

Rob Hogg

This was of course before I had come to understand the proper appreciation of football games, for example the false 9, real 9, pseudo 9, semi-pseudo 9 etc …

Not that Barca bothered with any of that rubbish of course. They were going for the get it up to the big man Stoichkov then see what happens technique. Lazy Michael Laudrup also patrolled the middle of the field, presumably in an attempt to lull the oppo into a false sense of security by being amiable, pleasantly skilful and completely bone idle.

Barca won the 1992-93 title by 1 point. In the Copa del Rey they beat Atletico Madrid 11-0, then Real Valldolid 6-1, then lost to those arrogant white shirts Real 3-2 in the semi finals.  In Europe, there wasn’t much joy to follow the previous season’s European Cup win, crashing out at an early stage to CSKA Moscow.


The Barcelona 92 away shirt is a thing of beauty. Two big sections of orange with a fantastic thick strip of dark blue down the middle.


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