Real Madrid and Barcelona fans will love these City Boys FC tees

CITY BOYS FC has released four new t-shirts commemorating the publishing of Shukyu Magazine’s new edition; YOUTH ISSUE and they are littered with Barcelona and Real Madrid legends.

The four new t-shirts are in honour of the players that took to the pitch when CityBoys designer Keisuke Yamada and Shukyu’s Cheif Editor Takashi Ogami were growing up.

The four shirts feature embroidered legends of the game:

  • Real Madrid legend: Raul Gonzalez
  • Juventus and Barca loanee:  Edgar Davids “The Pitbull”
  • Barcelona and Real Madrid legend: Il Fenomeno (Ronaldo, of course)
  • Barcelona hero Ronaldinho


You can grab your t shirt here from City Boys FC website.


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