The greatest Tottenham shirt you’ve forgotten all about

Tottenham’s new Nike kits these days aren’t too shabby.

On the one hand, they’re slick, clean and engineered for elite Premier League athletes to look great in. On the other, they’re exactly the same as every other Nike kit on the market, just with different colours.

But in the 1990s, manufacturers tried some utterly mental stuff when it came to kit designs, particularly on second and third kits.

A wonderful example of this is Tottenham’s third shirt between 1991 and 1994.


Look at the state of that. Whoever put it together is undoubtedly a raving lunatic, but a brilliant one at that.

The subtle geometric design on the bottom section of the shirt is just the beginning when it comes to this beauty. Once you get above the iconic Holsten sponsor, you’ll notice a darker shade of blue, where they’re printed ‘Spurs’ into the kit’s material. A masterstroke.

Screen Shot 2017-07-14 at 10.34.49.png

Like most of the great 1990s kits, this one from 1991-94 was made by Umbro.

But this great kit wasn’t worn all that much when Spurs were playing in it. Such a shame, although their home and away kits in that time were also excellent.

All hail the mad person who designed this thing. It’s wonderful.

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One thought on “The greatest Tottenham shirt you’ve forgotten all about

  1. I love this shirt.
    Not a fan of the Nike shirts, I think all supporters deserve something a bit more unique for £59.99 don’t you?
    Long gone are the days when an England shirt cost £25 made by Umbro (who made the best shirts that football has ever seen in my humble opinion) now we have a Nike shirt that looks like a Spurs shirt that looks like any other Nike shirt… it’s the least effort for maximum profit- par for the course for an American company now days, they used to make an effort!

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