What was the best ever Manchester United v Manchester City game?

Manchester City and Manchester United face off next week in a pre-season derby.

And that’s got us thinking.

Jose Mourinho tried his best to spoil one of the greatest rivalries in English football when he put on a typical Mourinho display at the Etihad last season, with his side defending for their lives and never looking too interested in grabbing a win. Thanks for that, Jose.

But with United strengthening over the summer and City’s blistering attack and hilarious defence under Pep Guardiola, we reckon the two Manchester clubs could put on a bit of a show next week, and in the years to come.

Two wonderful derbies spring to mind.

The first was the ultimate example of Fergie Time. Back in 2009, Michael Owen popped up in injury time of injury time to firmly put the noisy neighbours back in their place. Take a goose at this:

A ludicrously good game of football. Man City fans may not share that sentiment.

What they would agree on, is this:

City got their revenge – and a whole lot more – when they humbled the most successful club this country has ever known, by thumping them 6-1 in 2011.

Mario Balotelli, Sergio Aguero and Edin Dzeko all chimed in with goals and so too did David Silva, who absolutely ran the show:

As a winning side, both these games are the best ways to beat your rivals. As a losing side, it’s what you fear before the game when facing a team you loathe: just don’t let them humiliate us.

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2 thoughts on “What was the best ever Manchester United v Manchester City game?

  1. City’s hilarious defence was the Premier league’s fourth best last season. That doesn’t say much for the other clubs with worse records. It just goes to show that if you tell a lie enough times, people will start to believe it’s actually true.

    1. City had a goalkeeper who couldn’t save a shot and conceded so many cheap goals. You can’t deny that.

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