This Arsenal shirt will remind you of signing Petit and Overmars

We caught up with Charlie Sims, co founder of the excellent Season Annual, to talk about the double winning Arsenal shirt and dreaming about Pires and Bergkamp.

What is was your first football shirt?

Petit and Overmars in Arsenal shirt

Arsenal’s 96-98 home shirt was my first proper kit. The one in which we won the double during Wenger’s first full season.

What is your favourite ever football shirt?

Wesley Schneider Inter Milan

Honourable mention for the West Germany 1990 shirt, but I love the Inter Milan home kits – a recent favourite would be from the 2010-11 season. Partly because the first mens team I played for (Frome Town Sports) wore a knock off version – blue and black striped shirt, with black shorts and socks.

What is your favourite football moment? 

As an Arsenal fan, it’s the whole 03/04 invincibles season. I’ve watched the DVD of the season review hundreds of times, and still wish I was watching Pires & Bergkamp… Although, the finish to the 11/12 season also stands out to me. For an entire season to come down to the drama of those final few minutes was incredible to watch… And made slightly sweeter by seeing Ferguson & United having a league trophy snatched away!



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