This Zidane strike for Real Madrid is the best Champions League goal ever

Zidane scored big goals.  Volleys, panenka’s, screamers.  The best has to be his volley for Real Madrid against Leverkusen in the Champions League final.  

It was chosen by Dan Walker as his favourite ever goal. The ball came in from the left and an awkward angle.   Zidane distorted his body and wrapped his left foot over the ball and volleyed into the top corner.

Dan Walker thought Zidane made it look like a doddle

Now that is a tough one. It changes all the time but my favourite player is Zinedine Zidane so I’ll go for his volley to win the Champions League Final for Real Madrid Hampden Park in 2002.  I tried one of those once and I shinned it straight in the air but the French master made it look like a doddle.

Read the full interview with Dan Walker here.

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