When Tottenham told Chelsea to do one after the Blues tried to sign their best player

Not that many players have been brave enough to play for both Chelsea and Tottenham.

That’s probably down to the fact that the two clubs don’t really like one another. And that’s displayed by their players too. Just look at the Battle of the Bridge in the 2016-17 season, when Eric Dier tried and tried and tried to get sent off by booting Eden Hazard as Spurs’ title hopes went up in smoke.

But back in 2011, Chelsea came knocking for one of Tottenham’s prized assets: Luka Modric.

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Spurs had failed to qualify for the Champions League, and the Blues seized the opportunity to lure Modric over to west London.

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A £40million bid was tabled, and Chelsea set about trying to get their man.

But Daniel Levy is a tough cookie when it comes to transfer dealings – just look at what’s going on with Kyle Walker and Manchester City – and resolutely rebuffed Chelsea’s advances.

Modric stayed at Spurs for another year until an offer he couldn’t pass up came along. Real Madrid – as they always seem to do – got their man in the end, and he’s continued to be one of the world’s best central midfielders.

Spurs fans will just be glad the Croatian creator didn’t wind up in the clutches of Roman Abramovich.

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3 thoughts on “When Tottenham told Chelsea to do one after the Blues tried to sign their best player

  1. A piece of total NON-news ………. alongside the notion of a long-standing Spurs/Chelsea hate-in. The only things that divide Spurs and Chelsea exceptionally are the Spurs annoyance at repeated antisemitic chants at games between the two (accompanied by by David Badiel hypocrisy) and the inevitable rivalry between two teams performing at a high level whilst being unmatched in terms of finances.

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