Real Madrid and Juventus fans are loving these tees by Ritual FC

  • Ritual FC have dropped their new collection of tees
  • They are designed by Matt Pascoe who created a beaut of a Real Madrid v Juventus illustration for the Champions League final
  • Get 20% off their gear this weekend in our sale.  Enter ZiZOU at checkout.

Ritual FC have dropped their look book of tees inspired by fan culture and reception has been strong.  Real Madrid and Juventus fans will recognise the gear as they are designed by illustrator Matt Pascoe.

The shirts themselves look great and as simple nods to fan culture.  Rituals FC are a direct response to the “trite, shite, nylon, mass market alternatives”. 



The products are designed by illustrator Matt Pascoe who Juventus and Real Madrid fans will recognise from the BT Champions Draw where he designed this beaut.

Juventus Real Madrid Matt Pascoe

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