Chelsea, Manchester City and Tottenham all have identical Nike kits

When looked at individually, Tottenham, Manchester City and Chelsea’s kits are all pretty decent this season.

But when you actually look at them together, you realise that manufacturers Nike have done a pretty damn lazy job.

Unless you’re a club who traditionally has stripes in their kits (like Brighton and Barcelona), the juggernaut sports brand seem to have just changed the colour and badges on most of their kits this season.

Spurs away, in isolation, looks pretty decent

When you consider that the ‘Match’ kits (outrageous marketing ploy) are going for an eye-watering £89, I think it’s fair to expect a bit more from Nike than them simply taking shirts off the peg and swapping the badges around, as they appear to have done. Just take a look at these bad boys.

Man City’s Nike home shirt for 2017-18
Chelsea’s home shirt for 2017-18

I mean, one’s a darker shade of blue and has a Yokohama Tyres sponsor, but even the pattern on the shirt’s material is the same. Still not convinced?

Well take a look at Chelsea’s away shirt next to the Spurs home jersey.


The design and colours (except a slight tweak in the trim) of the shirt are almost identical. It must feel like a bit of a kick in the teeth for fans to spend so much on a shirt that’s pretty much the same as a rival’s.

Whatever happened to a spot of originality in our teams’ kit designs?

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3 thoughts on “Chelsea, Manchester City and Tottenham all have identical Nike kits

  1. OMG, If you really closely you’ll also notice they all have four holes in them, one at the top, one at the bottom and one on either side. Bloody Nike!!!

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