My favourite Arsenal goal: Cristian Nyari

We caught up with football writer and co-founder of bundesligafanatic Cristian Nyari, to talk memories of Euro 96, classic Juve shirts and classy Arsenal goals.

What was your first football shirt?

If memory serves me well, my first ever kit was a Juventus 1996 home jersey. Classic with the Sony sponsor at the peak of their powers!

What is your favourite football shirt?  

I must say my favourite kit of all time was Germany’s 1996 EURO kit.

I have very fond memories of that year and that tournament. It was the first EUROs I followed actively and Germany had a crazy dramatic end to it and so the jersey left a big impression on me.


1996 Germany shirt

From a design perspective it’s also quite magnificent. It captures both the 90s aesthetic with the big crest around the team logo as well as the traditional german colours around the sleeves and neck. The numbers on that jersey were also really sharp and it all worked together well from a design perspective.

What is your favourite goal? 

Now this is a much more difficult question. I’m sure I’ll forget so many but the one that continues to come to mind every time great goals are discussed is Bergkamp’s spin and turn vs Newcastle, for Arsenal.


It really is art in motion from one of my favourite players of all time. Bergkamp represents what I value and love about the game – the technique, the artistry and the philosophy above all else.

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