The surprise winner of Arsenal’s ‘Tuesday Club’ eating contest

What do competitive and bored footballers do to kill time on a 6 hour coach ride.  You guessed it.  Eating competition.  That’s what happened when Arsenal were traveling back from an away game against Newcastle United in the late 90s.

In Ray Parlour’s biography, The Romford Pele: It’s only Ray Parlour the Arsenal midfielder gave an insight into what footballers did on the way back from away game.

Once on the way back from Newcastle we had an eating competition.  We were like “What should we do today? Lets have an eating contest.  No reason really, it was just something to do.  We must had 8 dinners.

Tony Adams Ray Parlour in Marble Halls Highbury

The most surprising part was the winner.  Big David Seaman in goal?  No.  A hungry Ian Wright?  No.  Chubby Paul Merson.  Not a chance.

Bouldy won by a mile.  He had 9.  In the end we had to stop as a few players were being sick outside.

The wafer thin Steve Bould smashed it.  Maybe that’s why Arsene chose him as his assistant.

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