Why you should never trust former Chelsea and Bayern Munich star Ballack

Michael Ballack was a class act for Bayer Leverkusen, Bayern Munich, Chelsea and Germany.

A fearsome adversary for any opposing midfielder, Ballack was one of few footballers who had it all: vision, aerial prowess, a wicked shot and pure physicality.

The former Germany captain had a knack for scoring in big games, was two-footed and was a born winner. He could also hit the ball bloody hard.

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But Ballack had a jovial side too. In the below video, a man in training at Chelsea’s Cobham base holds up a hula hoop for Ballack to try and kick a football through. Remember that wicked shot we were talking about? Well, Ballack basically unleashes that, but it hits the poor bloke right in the plums.

That’s why you should never, ever trust Michael Ballack.

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