Watch: When Belletti put it through Almunia’s leg to win it for Barcelona against Arsenal

  • Arsenal played Barcelona in the Champions League in 2006
  • Belletti violated Manuel Almunia in the Arsenal with his winner
  • Watch Belletti, Gilberto, Deco, Lehmann, Puyol, Pires at Star Sixes
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Would you rather score 100 sh1t goals (that don’t mean anything) or 1 goal that in the biggest game of your career.  Well Barcelona right back Belletti did just that in the Champions League final when Barcelona played Arsenal.

In the final minutes Belletti played a one two with Henrik Larsson took a touch and violated Manuel Almunia in the Arsenal goal.   It was his only goal for Barcelona.  Imagine that.


His reaction is just amazing.  He doesn’t really know what to do – not surprising as he hadn’t yet scored for Barca – and collapses to the floor in sheer disbelief.

Belletti Barcelona v Arsenal

Barcelona went on to win the final and Arsenal.  Well Arsenal haven’t got to a Champions League final since 2006.

In July 13, Belletti and 5 other 2006 Champions League finalists (Gilberto, Deco, Lehmann, Puyol, Pires) at Star Sixes.

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