Julien Laurens favourite goal will make you think of this Arsenal legends perfect crossing

  • Julien Laurens favourite football shirt is Boca Juniors as worn by Maradona
  • His favourite goal was the Trezeguet winner in Euro 2000 set up by “perfect” Pires
  • You can watch Pires play at Star Sixes in London on July 13.
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We caught up with Julien Laurens, journalist for Le Parisien, RTL, BT Sport and ESPN, to talk ugly France football shirts, La Bombonera and that Euro 2000 Trezeguet goal assisted by an Arsenal legend.

What was your first football shirt?

My first ever football shirt was France 1991. It was pretty ugly. It was blue with some big red stripes over the shoulders!   It was a present so I didn’t have much choice. My first PSG one followed up quickly though.

What is your favourite football shirt?

For me, the most beautiful football shirt ever is Boca Junior’s. I think the design and the colours are perfect. It is an iconic shirt for a very special club.

tumblr_inline_nbf205SjjK1rneywx (1).jpg

Boca Juniors, Adidas, 1981

The 1981 one by Adidas is insane, I don’t have a Boca shirt yet, simply because I will only buy one when I go to La Bombonera myself to watch a game and go to the official shop before the match.

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What is your favourite goal?

It is hard to pick just one. But I will go for David Trezeguet in the Euro 2000 final against Italy. The work from Arsenal winger, Robert Pires on the left hand side, dribbling two players and crossing, is perfect.

Then, Trezeguet’s left foot volley is so pure, it’s magnificent. The balance of his body his outstanding. It goes right in the top corner. And obviously the fact that it is the golden goal makes it even more special.

You can watch Pires play at Star Sixes in London on July 13 and get 25% off when you enter FSCOFFER at checkout.  


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