Arsenal and Puma launch the 2017/18 home shirt but Martin Keown looks confused

Arsenal and Puma have launched the 2017 18 home shirt in sunny London.   The shirt is slick and has a little collar, Robert Pires looks tired and Martin Keown is perplexed.

Giroud Alexis and Ozil with Arsenal shirt

The shirt itself as modeled by Sanchez, Giroud and Ozil is very traditional.  Red body.  White sleeves and one of the smallest collars we’ve ever seen on a football shirt.

Arsenal and Puma launched the shirt at a fan event in Kings Cross where old boys Pires and Martin Keown got involved.  In the picture (taken by Tim Stillman) Robert Pires looks absolutely shattered whilst Martin Keown shows an expression that is a combination of confusion and intimidation.  Bravo.

Arsenal fans.  Let us know what you think of the new shirt in the comments below.

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