When Man United legend Rio Ferdinand retired a Liverpool defender with one touch

At Manchester United, Rio Ferdinand isn’t known for his goals.

The legendary England defender was a stalwart in Sir Alex Ferguson’s defence, most notably partnering to devastating effect with a giant Serbian named Nemanja Vidic.

But if you cast your mind back to Old Trafford in October 2006 and you’ll find Ferdinand scoring a goal Zlatan Ibrahimovic would be proud of. Have a look at this:

At 1-0 up the game was on a knife edge. Liverpool were still in it, but Paul Scholes had put some daylight between the two sides after his opener.

After a bit of trickery from Ryan Giggs on the left, the ball arrives in the penalty area. It pinballs around a bit before flying into the air. Ferdinand is at the back post at a tight angle, and doesn’t look as though he’s posing much of a threat.

But he plucks the ball out of the air, shifting it onto his weaker left foot, but pulling it into the middle of the penalty area. After that he wasn’t going to miss. He rifled the ball into the top corner and sent Liverpool packing.

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