Who is the greatest Tottenham player of all time?

Tottenham fans have been lucky enough to see some of the world’s best players grace the White Hart Lane over the years.

Gareth Bale, Harry Kane, Dave Mackay and Glenn Hoddle – to name but a few – were exceptional during their years at Spurs.

But who is the pick of the bunch? You get to decide. Vote for your favourite ever Tottenham player in our poll here.

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3 thoughts on “Who is the greatest Tottenham player of all time?

  1. I have often thought about this question, not just in regard to Tottenham Hotspur but in global terms also. My feeling is, that is it fair and indeed realistic to compare players who play the game today with the great players of era’s gone by, indeed can you compare a truly great defender, with a goal scoring genius, two totally different facets of the game, just as a it would be unfair to compare a magical midfielder with a superb goalkeeper. Also there are so many different aspects that make up a truly great player and it is not just about his skill on and with the ball, there have been hundred’s of extremely skillful players who I would not automatically call truly great players. Along with obvious component of skill goes, for me at least, his influence on the team in general, does he show his greatness when it truly matters, does he put as much effort into a lesser game as he would do a prestige one. Is he loyal, does he miss many games, does he work hard through the ninety minutes or just come alive at certain times, does he encourage the younger players around him, all these and many more are required to constitute what makes a truly great play. The game is so different today in so many ways, it is such a hard question to answer, even if it is possible, and if you asked twenty people you would probably get twenty different answers. However what I will say that for me the player who has had the greatest influence on our beloved club is Dave Mackay, the player who was the catalyst that turned very good side into a great one and laid the foundations for all the glory that was to follow. Jimmy Greaves or Pat Jennings, Glen Hoddle or Steve Perryman, David Ginola or Luka Modric, such an impossible question to answer, but great fun to debate,

  2. As a 10 year old watching Hoddle was dreamy. As a 45 year old watching Hoddle is still dreamy. The goal against Watford still makes me run for the kleenex! Born as the KING of WHL……..Oh and to share the same birthday is just magic COYS xx

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