George Graham’s Arsenal speech after the Man United brawl will make you wish you played for him

In October 1990 Arsenal beat Manchester United 1-0 Old Trafford thanks to an Anders Limpar goal. In the second half, Limpar and Irwin went for the ball. Nigel Winterburn steamed into Irwin which led to Brian McLair and almost every player on the pitch getting involved.

As a result of the brawl Arsenal were deducted two points and United one. Geroge Graham felt this was an injustice and used it as an opportunity to galvanise the team.

Stuart Jones of The Times thought the FA were given no choice

But to charge Arsenal and Manchester United with misconduct and with bringing the game into disrepute.

Arsenal chairman Peter Hill Wood came down hard on the player 

Twice in two years is too often. The name of Arsenal has been sullied and that is why I have taken this action.

Anders Limpar thought it was still possible

It seems very harsh. It makes it a little bit harder to catch Liverpool, but it is not impossible.

And the Swedish winger was right. Arsenal went on to lose just one game all season and won the title, seven points ahead of runners-up Liverpool.


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