Best Manchester United, Chelsea and Arsenal players in Joe Cole’s England XI

Joe Cole picked his best England XI on Fantasy Football Club earlier this week and it was made with some England legends.  His team was basically made up of Chelsea and Manchester United players with a couple of Arsenal and Liverpool thrown in for good measure.


Arsenal’s David Seaman was special

He was special. He was 35 at the 2002 World Cup and a lot of people were worried about it but he was unbelievable. He kept England in the game when they drew 0-0 with Nigeria. He was brilliant. If he’d been born five or 10 years later, you’d have him for another 10 years and that would have made a big difference in our team.

Chelsea’s Ashley Cole could “give and go and do it at the right time”

I played in front of Ashley and it just makes the game easy for you. You know, little things. Others might be as quick as Ashley or as strong as Ashley but he would just give you the ball at the right time. He’s made a lot of players look really good in front of him – I knew he was coming on the outside so I’d be able to reverse the ball to him.

Liverpool’s Steven Gerrard could play anywhere

I remember playing with Stevie at Under-18 level and, the first time I’d seen him, he was the epitome of a player that can do anything. If he wanted to play centre-forward in the Premier League, you know he’s getting you 20 goals. If you want him to play centre-half, you know he’s keeping you clean sheets.

Manchester United’s Gary Neville was a better “captain” than Becks

People don’t realise how good he is, and he was a leader. He was our best captain, rather than Becks. He was the one who was always sorting people out. People don’t appreciate him and he was good with me. He was the first big player I saw and he was always good with me and helped me out.

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