Is this Eric Cantona goal for Manchester United vs Sunderland the perfect chip?

Eric Cantona was – and still is – an icon at Manchester United. He also scored one of the finest goals in the club’s history against Sunderland. It was chosen by Iain MacIntosh in his favourite football shirt interview.

The ball took about ten minutes to go from his boot to the back of the net and he was never in any doubt about it at all. He just stood there, looking over his Kingdom, taking it all in.

I was trying to articulate my feelings about Cantona on Twitter the other day and it ended up getting completely misconstrued with loads of people frantically telling me that Henry scored more goals, or that Messi is much better, or that he didn’t win a European trophy. They all missed the point of Cantona completely. He wasn’t a footballer. I’m not entirely convinced that he was a human. He was just…Cantona. He existed on a higher plane, he transcended actual achievements just by being…Cantona. And that goal just encapsulated his career in England.

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