Who does this classic Chelsea shirt remind you of?

Love this vintage 1989 Chelsea shirt.  The diamond design from Umbro, stud fastener collar and little button on each side.  It was worn between 1989 – 91 in Bobby Campbell’s last seasons with the club and when Chelsea won the Full Members Cup..


What is it:  1989 – 91 Chelsea home shirt

Who made it:  Umbro

Who wore it:  Kerry Dixon was the goal machine at the time scoring 25 goals in ’89 and 15 the following season.   He was supported by other big names Tony Dorigo and Andy Townsend.

Which game made it famous:  It would have to be the Full Members Cup win in 1990 when Tony Dorigo curled a worldie in against Middlesborough at Wembley.  The Full Members Cup was created in the 80s – when English teams were banned from Europe.  Watch that Tony Dorigo’s curler here..

Where can I get one:  Get your Chelsea 1989 shirt here for £39.99.


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