Willo Flood on the time a Manchester City fan robbed him at knifepoint

Willo Flood once had the brightest of futures at Manchester City.

The former Republic of Ireland U21 star looked set for big things when he burst onto the scene at City as a teenager.

But one City fan decided to take it upon himself to steal the youngster’s TV, immediately after Flood had signed a new deal at the club.


Now 32 and playing out his fourth spell at Dundee United, Flood recently re-lived a harrowing moment from his time in Manchester.

In an interview with the BBC, Flood talked about the time he was robbed at knifepoint… by a Manchester City fan.

Here’s it in his own words:

“I was 19, I had just bought a house and had a plasma on the wall – they were the thing back then.

“I was watching TV and a boy walks in with a big knife. It wasn’t his own knife, it was a knife he took from my kitchen!

“I jumped up, and I was like, you’ve gotta run for him. Then I thought, nah, nah, don’t be doing that, Willo.”

Flood was told to remove his television from the wall so he could hand it over to the thief.

As it happens, the burglar was a City fan, who told the midfielder not to “take this personally”.

It turned out the burglar was a City fan who insisted, “don’t take this personally”.

Here’s more from Flood’s harrowing account that he can now laugh about.

“He ended up getting a screwdriver out, taking the plasma off the wall. The plasma took two days to get up, and one minute to get off the wall.

“I remember carrying it outside and the knife was to the back of me. As soon as I got to the front door I threw it on the floor. There was one house lit up down the end of the road – I’ve never ran so fast in my life.

“Man City found out within two minutes and they were round to my house looking after me. It had a massive impact (on me). At the time it was a traumatic experience but you become stronger after it.”

Since that incident, Flood never quite hit the heights some at City expected of him. He spent time at Rochdale, Celtic and Middlesbrough as well as the aforementioned revolving door at Dundee United.

He was called up to the senior Republic of Ireland squad after impressing while at Aberdeen, but has yet to make a senior international appearance.

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