Do you own this beautiful 1995 Inter Milan football shirt?

The mid 90s was a golden era for Serie A football shirts.  The Lotto AC Milan shirts, the Kappa Juventus shirts and this 1995 96 Inter Milan home shirt.  Umbro design with thick black and blue stripes and the classic Pirelli sponsor.  Timeless.

We’re looking to buy the 1995 Inter Milan shirt.  If you have one at home you are willing to sell let us know.

1995 Inter Milan shirt

The shirt was worn by Javier Zanetti, Roberto Carlos and Paul Ince who all signed for Inter in the summer of 1995.  They signed and played under future England manager, Roy Hodgson who was lured away from the Switzerland job.

Javier Zanetti and Roberto Carlos football stickers

The 1995 96 season for Inter Milan was a bit up and down and they finished 7th.  But it was the start of a good run as Inter would go on to finishing 3rd and getting to the UEFA cup final.

If you have the 1995 Inter Milan shirt at home and willing to sell please let us know.


One thought on “Do you own this beautiful 1995 Inter Milan football shirt?

  1. I have two 1995 inter shirts. 1 signed by Zanneti and the other signed by Paul Ince. I have a letter from Roy Hodgsons wife to prove they are real.

    If intrested my number is 07397 700002 or email me

    Mr Smart

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