Cristiano Ronaldo’s best goals for Real Madrid and Manchester United?

From blasters for Manchester United or team moves for Real Madrid, here are two of the best Cristiano Ronaldo goals chosen by football writers Graham Ruthven and Tom Collomosse.

Cristiano Ronaldo Manchester United v Porto (Graham Ruthven)

Another Manchester United goal sticks in the mind, Cristiano Ronaldo’s strike against Porto in 2008. To even shoot from that range was ridiculous. To drive it into the top corner from there was unbelievable.

Cristiano Ronaldo – Real Madrid v Ajax (Tom Collomosse)

I have always preferred team goals to those which simply involve a player whacking the ball into the net from a long way out. The reason is this: whereas it’s just possible for a Sunday footballer to score a 35-yard volley if they catch it right, to score goals like those, you need to have brilliant players and a brilliant team.

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