Messi’s first goal for Barcelona will make you want to turn back time

Ronaldinho scored some great goals for Barcelona but he also got some great assists. Non more important than this.  It was 1 May 2005 and Barcelona were playing at home against Alabacete.  Ronaldinho played a ball over to a young Lionel Messi, who become the youngster Barcelona player to score in La Liga.

It is hard not to love everything about the goal.

The pass from Ronaldinho, the deft finish and above all the celebration.  Welcome to a legend.

Richard Williams (the guardian) could tell Messi was going to be some player

It only takes a glimpse to see what makes Messi so remarkable. He may look like the missing fifth member of the Monkees but, as with all great players, his signature is in his silhouette and his movement. Even when he stands still, he is leaning forward.

Even when he stands still, he is leaning forward. His head is always up, like a gun dog on the scent. He covers the ground fast, a low centre of gravity making him hard to knock off the ball, angling his runs to take him towards goal by the shortest route.



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