This story about Arsenal cult hero Eboue and his tiger costume will make you smile

In an exclusive interview with The Telegraphthe former Arsenal cult hero Emmanuel Eboue talked about coping with life whilst banned from football and his love of dressing up as a tiger.

It happened when he went round to Arsenal teammate Gilberto Silva’s for a birthday party.

Here’s what happened:

“You know me, I’m like that. I like people. I don’t like to see someone disappointed, someone down. I always like to help create a good atmosphere, wherever I am. It doesn’t mean I’m stupid. I just like a good atmosphere. It was a big family party. It was Gilberto’s daughter’s birthday. I just went to a fancy dress shop and bought it.

I turned up at the door and Gilberto said, ‘Who is it?’ I said, ‘Open the door!’ with a sort of tiger growl! ‘Who is it?’ Open the door!’ I got in and said, ‘Hey, Gilberto, it’s me Eboue, but don’t tell anyone ’. So I went inside, dancing, messing around, making people happy and no one had a clue it was me. It was hot in that suit so I lasted about an hour before taking it off!”

A tiger costume is good but does it beat Eboue in 70s afro and short shorts.  Arshavin doesn’t think so.  

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