This is without doubt the best shirt Arsenal have worn in the Premier League

Arsenal have produced some truly great kits.

Some have been universally revered, and others have been detested.

But some, despite how long ago they’ve been produced, continue to divide opinion.

One such phenomenon is Arsenal’s  infamous ‘bruised banana’ shirt.

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1991-93 Arsenal away bruised banana.  

The 90s was a golden age for Arsenal.  Big collars.  Bold designs.  Lots of colour. Couldn’t be further away from the nike prototype model of today.  In 1991, Arsenal kit maker adidas decided to mix it up with the 1991-93 Arsenal away shirt aka “the bruised banana”.

What is it: 1991-93 Arsenal away shirt aka “the bruised banana”.

Who made it:  adidas

Why is it great:  Arsenal shirts are traditionally safe.  Classic colours.  Simple design.  Elegant.  ‘The bruised banana’, is spectacularly out there.   Bright yellow with adidas stripes and covered in huge grey zig-zags.   It’s often derided as one of the worst Arsenal shirt ever.  But we love it.

What did they say about it:  Jim from East Lower;

“It was the scrambled egg, dazzle ship horror show from 1992, clearly designed by people who’d had a lot of fun in the acid house years. I’ve supported Arsenal since 1980, but that was the first shirt I ever had and I bought it as a joke – that’s how eye-stingingly foul it was. I could never have guessed that 20 years later it would gain cult status.”

Who made it famous: Ian Wright

Best memories:  The shirt didn’t bring much luck in the league but it was worn on the way to Wembley where Arsenal won the FA Cup and League Cup.

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