The Tottenham and Bolton cult hero who became a lawyer and was stabbed twice

Gudni Bergsson wasn’t only a competent footballer in the Premier League with Tottenham and Bolton, but he is also a gifted intellectual.

The former defender, who was capped 80 times for Iceland, didn’t go into punditry or coaching after he retired; instead he embarked on a wholly different career to football.

Bergsson became a certified lawyer in his homeland and would eventually become the president of the Icelandic Football Association.

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And although his intellect and successful career as a football bureaucrat is a remarkable tale in itself, it’s no way near as captivating as an incident that befell Bergsson in 2012.

The former Bolton captain was stabbed twice in the leg when he rushed to the aid of a colleague, who had himself been attacked by a knifeman.

The horrific event happened outside the offices of Reykjavik law firm Legal Support.

Bergsson sustained two knife wounds to his thigh, but was released from hospital later that evening. His colleague, however, remained in a critical condition.

In June 2012, the attacker was sentenced to 14 years in prison following the attack and Bergsson received £4,000 in compensation.

In February this year, Bergsson was elected chairman of the Icelandic Football Association.

At 51, we’re all rooting for him to help Iceland repeat the success of 2016, when they upset the odds (and the entire English nation) at the European Championships.

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