Lifting the lid on Liverpool’s infamous golf club row between Riise and Bellamy

Former Liverpool defender John Arne Riise lifted the lid on his infamous “golf club row” with team-mate Craig Bellamy back in 2007.

A row between the former Norway defender and the fiery Welsh striker reportedly ended with Bellamy brandishing an eight iron in Riise’s hotel room.

Ahead of a Champions League tie with Barcelona, the Reds players were on a training camp in Portugal’s Algarve region.


Given time to off to bond, the players were allowed to go for a team dinner, and manager Rafa Benitez allowed them to have one beer. Riise, when talking to the Liverpool Echo last year, hinted that some had more than the permitted one.

As Riise tells it, they were in a private room in a karaoke bar, and Bellamy persistently shouted “ginge is going to sing,” referring to the colour of the Norwegian’s hair.

After tensions almost boiled over in the karaoke bar, Riise headed back to his hotel room. But Bellamy wasn’t finished with him just yet…

“I left and went back to my room” Riise was quoted as saying. “I was rooming with Daniel Agger.

“When I heard the key in the door I thought it was Dan coming back but then the lights went on.

“Next thing I saw was a golf club smashing me on my backside.

“I jumped out of bed and was stood in my underwear while Bellamy was there shouting. He just said: ‘9am tomorrow outside my room’. I got there for 8.45am and waited until 9.10am but there was no sign on him.

“At breakfast all the boys were laughing and when Bellamy walked in they were clapping. Of course I thought about reacting. But in the end I just left it.

“Why? I’m not a fighter. Also I was worried if I did react badly it could be the end of my Liverpool career.”

Riise stayed at the club, but Bellamy was sold to West Ham just five months after the altercation for £7.5million.

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