Barcelona star Messi revealed the one Real Madrid player he asked to swap shirts with

We love hearing about the shirt collections players have built up over the years.  we’ve seen John Terry’s and Stephen Hunt’s but does Barcelona star Lionel Messi have the same affection for swapping shirts.  He revealed  his 3 rules and the only Real Madrid player he ask to swap with.

Generally the Barcelona striker doesn’t to swap shirts … with one exception

I am not one to ask to swap shirts. I asked, once… I asked Zidane.

Guti wouldn’t leave him alone

Guti came and asked me. He asked me when we player here (Nou Camp) and when we played there (Santiago Bernabeu). In both matches.

But he will ask if there is a fellow Argentine about

I don’t asked for shirts. If there is an Argentine, I will swap with an Argentine. If not and there is someone else that asks me, I will swap it with them. If not, I do not look and do not ask.

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