This tribute to Arsenal’s bruised banana is the ideal gift for any Gooner

Arsenal’s “bruised banana” is one of the most iconic kits in English football history.

Love it or hate it, once you’ve seen Arsenal’s 1991-93 yellow-and-black away strip, you’ll never forget it.

It was a rare time when Arsenal weren’t necessarily remembered for their football. They finished fourth in the Premier League in 1992, and a shocking 10th the following season.


But players like Alan Smith and Ian Wright donned one of the most divisive kits of their time.

The Adidas-made, JVC-sponsored away strip was reviled by many at the time. But it’s a screaming classic these days, and our friends Football Bobbles have produced a sublime tribute to the kit.


They’ve woven the slick black-and-yellow pattern into a bobble hat.

If you’re heading to games over the busy Christmas period at the Emirates or away, it’s the snuggly, warm nostalgic piece of kit to keep your bonce warm.

All hail the bruised banana.

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