Liverpool legend Carragher reveals why he chose punditry over coaching

At Liverpool, Jamie Carragher was a fearsome leader, a brilliant defender and possessed an adept tactical mind.

Carragher retired in 2013, but instead of going into management, decided to join Gary Neville and Co in the punditry game.

But many believed – and still believe – that Carragher would have made a fantastic coach or manager, given the type of player he was and the sharpness of his mind.carragher_1024x1024.png

Carragher, who is considered one of television’s best pundits alongside Neville, has revealed in his Daily Mail column why management doesn’t appeal to him.

“Then, of course, there is the lifespan of a manager and the ridicule that comes with it.”

“I signed a contract with Sky for three years and know that’s how long it will be. For a manager three years could mean three months.

“I see so many managers now who have become bitter. They despise the game and I never want to be like that.


“It leaves me feeling that going into TV rather than heading into management was the best decision I ever made.”

Neville’s dismal spell at Valencia won’t have done much to change Carragher’s mind then…

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One thought on “Liverpool legend Carragher reveals why he chose punditry over coaching

  1. I believe Jamie Carragher will be a good and competitive manager. He should give it a shot after his contract is over with Sky. Meaning he has ample time to prepare. The best way to start his managerial career is from a team in Championship League or League One. Go step by step Carra. We believe in you. YNWA!

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