Tottenham Hotspur boss thinks Barcelona legend Xavi hates him

Tottenham Hotspur boss Maurico Pochettino called out Barcelona legend Xavi for chatting sh!t and called him a massive diver.

Earlier this week Xavi claimed that Spurs attacker Dele Alli would be a target for Barcelona and lets just say it didn’t go down well with the Spurs gaffer.

Xavi just chats rubbish and needs to shut his cake hole

Xavi is in a period where he likes to talk.  He’s my enemy and he hates me because he is Barcelona and I am Espanyol.

And is a massive diver

I spoke with Thierry Henry yesterday and we both remembered the game between Espanyol and Barcelona when Xavi cheated the referee.  Xavi fell down in the box and they gave a penalty.  Zlatan scored.  It was clear from the replay that no one touched him.

Now the Catalan is trying to help Manchester City 

Maybe Xavi working for Manchester City and wants to help his pal Guardiola?

Did Xavi dive?  Watch the video and let us know in the comments below.


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