This Arsenal goal against Tottenham is the greatest ever in a North London derby

It’s almost that glorious time again, when Arsenal take on Tottenham in the Premier League.

And that gives us an excuse to rifle through the archives, looking for the greatest moments in the fixture’s history.

There’ve been some absolute beauties over the years.


Like when Danny Rose smashed it past Wojciech Szczesny, or when David Bentley buried a worldie from out of space in 2008-09.

Dennis Bergkamp (obviously) has contributed a contender, when he sent a Spurs defender for a hotdog before slotting it into the net.

And even Emmanuel Adebayor’s scored a sumptuous goal against Tottenham, back when he used to play football regularly.

They’re all great goals, but they don’t stand up to our nomination as the best ever North London derby strike.

Who else could it be, but Thierry Henry?

Arsenal’s all-time top scorer loved playing against Tottenham, and it showed.

Rewind to November 2002. Henry picks the ball up deep in Arsenal’s half and only has one thing in mind.

He begins sprinting at breakneck speed up the pitch, trailed by Tottenham players.


Thierry Henry talks about the greatest goal in North London derby history

He has support as he bears down on the remaining Tottenham defenders, but there’s no chance of him passing it to Sylvain Wiltord now, he’s come too far with the ball at his feet.

He shifts it onto his left and leathers it into the bottom corner. Does he stop running? Does he bollocks.

saturday well-spent (1)

The iconic goal needed an iconic celebration. He sprints back from where he came and slides on his knees triumphantly, right in front of the Tottenham fans.

They weren’t happy, but he didn’t care. And neither did Arsenal fans. In fact, they probably love him just a bit more just for that celebration.

What a player. What a goal.

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One thought on “This Arsenal goal against Tottenham is the greatest ever in a North London derby

  1. The run was OK (aided by very poor defending from Spurs) but the goal itself was only average. Not sure why this would be rated the best ever.

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